Putting the ‘new’ in New Ferry

A large portion of a street damaged after an explosion in New Ferry looks set to be demolished. This news comes five weeks after an explosion devastated the town centre.

A dance studio in New Ferry had a gas leak, resulting in an explosion

Progress is being made on certain decisions regarding the worst damaged buildings in the area. Plans are currently being discussed with property owners and insurance companies, however further deliberation will be needed and they are set to reconvene in mid-May, which gives the recovery team the opportunity to keep local people up to date.

Adam Hill, a local resident said: “It’s taking a long time to repair the damage from the explosion. It’s really unfair on the locals who cannot go home and the businesses which are unable to reopen. So we were relying on the government to help us through it.”

Thankfully, it’s not all bad news, as several property owners have been told repair is imminent and the regeneration strategy is being put into place. This will not only look at replacing the row of businesses if they are demolished, but improving the area, which is a far cry from the thriving community that once existed.

Are you local? Do you think it’s fair? How would you feel? We want your views on this.


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