Behind the scenes of Everton’s new football pitch

Everton’s new stadium at Bramley Moore Dock will have a Sky Lounge and the UK’s longest bar say fans but are not impressed with the thoughts of a Cheese Room.

The mastermind behind the architecture, Dan Meis, has been designing building for over two decades now, but truly shows his skills with this project.

Since getting involved with the Blues, Meis has warmed to his task of getting under the skin of the fans’ and made it his job to learn what makes them tick.

Having gone to the last Merseyside Derby at Goodison Park in December Meis Tweeted a photo of one of the ground’s many pillars that cause obstructed views and remarked: “#nocolumnsinthebowl”

After the tweet, fans were quick to assume their home would be a bowl shape, but he clarified that ‘bowl’ is just a generic term for seating and that the stadium would not be “a bowl”.

And after updating his Twitter background to the brick Bramley-Moore dock sign, Meis has taken to talking down Liverpool-supporting doubters of Everton’s project by insisting that one Red: “completely underestimates the value of the club’s history when kitted with a new, competitive ground.”

Speaking as an Evertonian, Dan Meis was a good choice for the job.


What do you think of the new stadium plans? Let us know.


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