How can life go on? – Holocaust Memorial 2017

It’s 2017, keeping the memory alive 72 years on.

Liverpool held a host of events for the Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January, in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the Second World War. With readings, plays and survivor stories, hundreds of people visited Liverpool Town Hall, St George’s Hall and the Central library.

Liverpool Town hall

This year’s theme for Holocaust Memorial Day asked people to contemplate the aftermath of the holocaust and how people started to rebuild their lives after facing the horrors of genocide.

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust is the charity that promotes and supports Holocaust Memorial Day. A day that has taken place in the UK since 2001, with over 5,000 local activities taking place on the 27th January each year.

Catherine Sutton, Holocaust Memorial Day Trustee, said to L5 Newsday: “We have a lot of resources online for educators as we think it is important to raise awareness to children including videos and fact files that are child-friendly and aimed at different ages.”

The Holocaust was the worst documented time of mass genocide in history. The horrific acts of violence were unimaginable, and it took many years before the rest of the world truly understood the extent of what was happening in Europe under the influence of Adolf Hitler.

Sutton goes on to explain: “Each year the impact and awareness we raise never ceases to amaze us, it makes me feel like what we do is worthwhile.

“We find new life stories about people from the Holocaust and their experiences. It’s quite eye-opening.”

The Germans and their allies killed between 160,000 and 180,000 German Jews in the holocaust, including most of those Jews deported out of Germany.

It was within the concentration camps that inmates were often subject to forced labour, overcrowding, poor sanitary conditions, starvation and cruel treatment, with a high death rate resulting from the poor conditions.

Jeffrey Dunn, Liverpool’s Organiser of Holocaust Memorial Day, organised an event regarding three survivors speaking to primary school children in Liverpool Town Hall.


Did you get involved in the memorial? Let us know.


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